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We know that no two businesses are the same, and therefore no two servers will be either. Our custom-built whitebox servers are made for your specific needs and requirements. With the flexibility to adapt and scale as your business evolves. Whether you need a server built to spec, Bill of Materials, or are open to our expert recommendations, let us help you build the perfect server to power your business.

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White box servers

Whitebox servers offer cost-effective performance and adaptability. As a system integrator, they form the the core of our company. We design, built and deliver high-performing, scalable servers specifically for your needs. We source our components from leading brands like Supermicro, Nvidia, Intel and AMD. 

Feel free to contact us, whether you need a single server or an entire data center, we can build your servers to spec, BoM, or help you choose the right solution for your business.

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Server CPU's

We supply a diverse range of CPUs from industry leaders like Intel and AMD, including Xeon Scalable processors, AMD EPYC processors, and more. Our knowledge of white box servers gives us an advantage in advising you for the best choice for your needs.

Server-Fuel is your sourcing partner if you are looking for a specific CPU. Whether the CPU is already end-of-life, or a CPU that just hit the market, thanks to our partnerships and extensive worldwide sourcing network we can source, procure and deliver the CPU’s you need.

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Server GPU's

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for servers have become vital for processing complex computational tasks. From Nvidia’s HPC  and hyperscale datacenter GPUs designed for AI, deep learning, and high-performance computing, to AMD’s Radeon Pro series built for 3D workflows and video editing, we can supply you with the GPU’s needed to power your business servers.

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server components and white box servers server dramm modules server fuel

Server Memory

We offer a wide selection of RAM options from renowned brands like Kingston, Crucial, Hynix, Micron and Samsung. We can supply ECC memory to ensure data integrity, and various memory types including DDR4 and DDR5 modules, to match your server’s motherboard and optimize performance.

Whether you need specific server memory modules by OEM partnumber, or want us to suggest an upgrade based on your system – we are happy to advice, supply and/or stock your memory modules.

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server components and white box servers server storage hdds server fuel

Server Storage

Need specific HDDs or SSDs for high-speed, low-latency applications? Feel free to request your quote using our product request form or contacting us directly. Are you trying to find out how to upgrade your infrastructure for your storage needs? Our team is here to advice which components would best fit your requirements within your current environment.

We partner and supply from reliable brands like Seagate, Western Digital and Samsung, as well as a worldwide network to source and procure obsolete components. Offering storage in every available format including SATA, SAS, NVMe and .2 drives (M.2 / U.2).

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server components and white box servers serverboards motherboards server fuel

Serverboards | Motherboards

We offer Motherboards from every enterprise board brand, including SuperMicro, ASUS, Gigabyte, Tyan and MSI. We source and supply serverboards to spec or can recommend boards based on your requirements and infrastructure. In every quantity needed.

From the latest technology to motherboards that are already EOL, if there is stock available in the world – we can get them. If boards are so hard to get that the price for aqcuiring them is no longer feasible our system engineers can find out which motherboards are compatible with the components you are running right now, being able to swap the boards if needed.

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AI Components
server components and white box servers ai components for enterprise data centers server fuel

Server Components for AI

With the increasing demand for AI servers, Server-Fuel is your AI hardware partner as well. AI servers are highly GPU dependend. Nvidia AI DGX systems are a great example of a powerful OEM AI server. But we can build the perfect AI system for your specific needs as well. From GPU servers to FPGA and from AI interference servers to training servers and deep learning. We are here to assist you from component to complete systems.

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server components and white box servers server psu power supply units server fuel

Server PSU's & PDU's

Most data centers are power limited. Powering the entire infrastructure is therefore becoming an expertise on it’s own. Our power solutions range from PSUs and RPSUs to PDUs and UPS systems. We source and supply from leading manufacturers like ASUS, Chenbro, FSP, HPE, Seasonic, Zippy, Corsair, EVGA and others. Offering  the right power solution for every situation with efficiencies up to 96%. Our power supply options include standard and redundant configurations to ensure continuous operation and protect against power supply failures

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server components and white box servers server chassis server fuel

Server chassis

We source and supply a wide variety of server cases from top manufacturers like Supermicro, Rosewill, and Chenbro. Our offering is easily the most comprehensive in the market. We can advise you on cases for white box systems, or tailored to your data center’s current architecture.

From towers or blade server cases to rackmounts in every form factors such as 1U, 2U, 4U. We can guide you through the nuances of server case selection, including thermal management, ease of maintenance, and expansion capabilities.

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server components and white box servers server cooling products and solutions server fuel

Server Cooling

Whether you are in the market for server cooling components, server cooling solutions or specific advice. At Server-Fuel we can give you the advice, solution and components you need for it.

From component-specific solutions like CPU heatsinks and case-specific fans, to advanced liquid cooling setups for high-density server racks. Whether you need passive, active, or immersion cooling methods, we can provide the right solution for your thermal management needs. Contact us for a quote tailored to your specific server model or data center architecture.

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server components and white box servers enterprise switches server fuel

Network switches

Our high-performance network switches from Cisco, Juniper, HPE, and Arista, are specifically selected to handle diverse network architectures. Our portfolio includes gigabit switches for smaller networks, as well as advanced multi-gigabit and fiber options for enterprise-level networks, ensuring high-speed connectivity and efficient data transfer. With VLAN support for network segmentation, QoS for traffic prioritization, and redundancy mechanisms, our switches enhance network reliability. Additionally, they incorporate SNMPv3 for secure and robust network monitoring and management.

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server components and white box servers enterprise network adapters server fuel

Network Adapters

Network Interface Cards (NICs) are a fundamental component in your server’s connectivity and data exchange, particularly in AI and HPC environments. Without a NIC that matches your system’s performance, you risk creating a bottleneck that could hinder your entire infrastructure. We offer a diverse range of NICs from industry leaders like Intel, Broadcom, and NVIDIA/Mellanox, supporting speeds from Gigabit Ethernet to high-bandwidth 400Gb/s for data-intensive applications. Whether your infrastructure requires copper or fiber, PCIe or USB interfaces, we can provide the appropriate NIC to ensure your server’s networking capabilities are fully optimized.

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server components and white box servers raid controllers server fuel


Enterprise controllers manage and optimize various aspects of the infrastructure, ensuring efficient operations and optimal utilization of resources. Failures result in network disruptions, system degradation, communication issues, loss of monitoring and even loss of data. Redundancy and use of tried and tested controllers is therefore a necessity. We supply enterprise controllers for each type of system like RAID, storage, BMC, ROC and GPU controllers at competitive prices.

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server racks

Server Racks

Server-Fuel is a full range enterprise system integrator, advisor and supplier. To meet the full range, we can source and deliver server racks as well. Though we advice to go choose proven server racks from manufacturers like StarTech, Tripp Lite, and APC, we are happy to source and supply a multitude of existing racks as well. With added options including options for cooling, power distribution, cable management, and security we are proud to be a preferred partner for datacenters around the world.

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