IT cost reduction strategies

Cost efficiency in large infrastructures

Decrease expenses with personalized strategies

The bigger your infrastructure gets, the harder it becomes to keep oversight of all the used components, suppliers, advisors and budgets. More often than not costs mount up, to a point where hard interventions are needed.

To maximize profits of each IT asset, consequently focusing on reducing costs is an essential element. As a system integrator and hardware supplier, we offer personalized solutions for your specific infrastructure. We can help increase your efficiency and decrease  your expenses. We deliver practical, tangible results, leading to considerable savings for your business. Whether you’re in charge of a data center or IT operations, our knowledge and experience can lead to marked improvements in your cost management efforts.

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Cost reduction strategies

Tailored strategies to reduce costs

Capital expenditure is a major hurdle for most businesses. We offer a range of strategies that can be fully tailored to your needs or preferred style of running your infrastructure.

Hardware mapping

When was the last time you scanned and documented the entire infrastructure? Do you have a list of all parts that are critical? Do you know which are obsolete? Do you have a list of (hot-) pluggable, FRU and PnP components? 

This is why an inventory scan (on a regular basis) is highly important. Not only for running your organisation, but also to find out where we can cut costs while increasing your efficiency.

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Intelligent inventory management

What components are in use and how much of them are in stock? Is there a stock threshold set? How do you make sure this threshold is maintained?

Having full insights in your inventory makes scanning your products a lot more reliable. Intelligent inventory management can include auto stock refill, stock threshold alerts, selling excessive stock and obsolescence management. By using our inventory management intelligence we have helped our clients significantly drop inventory spending.

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intelligent inventory management

Supplier consolidation

With supplier consolidation we bring additional efficiency and cost savings. Managing fewer vendors streamlines your purchasing process, enhances system compatibility, and allows us to negotiate more favorable contract terms.

It simplifies support tasks and improves system performance, while giving access to volume discounts and reductions in administrative costs. Aware of the potential risks associated with over-reliance on single vendors, we strategically balance these risks with benefits to ensure optimal outcomes.

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Flexible procurement plans

Preserving cashflow is critical. Server-Fuel offers multiple solutions to preserve cashflow with our procurement methods. Besides benefitting from our large-scale procurement even for small orders, we offer leasing plans, Hardware as a Service (HaaS), pay per consumption, flexible financing, trade-in programs and Product-Service Systems (PSS).

Our procurement solutions are always tailored to your business needs.

Procurement plans
flexible procurement plans for enterprise server and data centers

Strategic procurement plans

Our strategic procurement plans ensure your data center remains modern and efficient by procuring products for you when opportunities emerge.

This includes securing fast-moving components at below-average prices when possible, providing long-term cost savings.

If desired, our experienced system integrators can even select interchangeable components with the aim to:

  • Save costs
  • Improve your system
  • Enhance computing capabilities
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Prevent premature server replacements


In essence, our approach extends your IT infrastructure’s lifespan and significantly reduces your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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