Obsolescence management

Because every component can become a business risk.

Overcome obsolescence risks through strategy

A proactive strategy is crucial to ensure longevity and reliability of your servers. Server-Fuel helps you to develop a comprehensive plan to identify potential risks, plan ahead, locate obsolete and hard-to-find components, and maintain an efficient inventory management system. We offer a range of services to assist with enterprise obsolescence management. If you are interested to discuss obsolescence management for your organization, our team is happy to explain the solutions we successfully implemented for other organizations.

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Obsolescence solutions

Sourcing & procurement

The speed at which technology is developing is ever increasing. As a consequence renewal cycles become shorter, decreasing availability of components, and with that the lifespan of servers in which these components are used.

To maximize the lifespan we’ve build an extensive network of suppliers and partners. Enabling us to source and deliver obsolete and hard-to-find components. Keeping your servers running longer, increasing their revenue.

Inventory management

A key aspect of obsolescence management is precise inventory management.  Knowing what components are in service, which parts are in stock, setting a minimum stock and tracking obsolete parts. We can assist you by implementing systematic inventory management for you.

We will alert you when stock is low, or when opportunities to increase the stock of obsolete parts arise. This proactive approach ensures you have the critical or necessary parts on hand. Minimizing downtime and reducing overall operational costs. We offer inventory management, optimization and the complete procurement process.

Regular audits and monitoring

Regular audits and monitoring of your server infrastructure are essential for effective obsolescence management. We can conduct ongoing assessments of your equipment and systems for you, enabling the early detection of potential issues. By taking a proactive approach, we provide you with strategic recommendations to mitigate obsolescence risks.

Customized solutions

Every data center and enterprise organization has unique needs and requirements for their servers. That is why we collaborate closely with you to develop customized obsolescence management solutions tailored to your specific situation, ensuring your servers remain up-to-date and operational for as long as possible or desirable.

Dedicated account management

Your dedicated account manager is committed to provide you with personalized advice and comprehensive support throughout your partnership with Server-Fuel. We want to understand your specific needs, providing proactive guidance and help you overcome the complexities of obsolescence management.

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market monitoring of hardware components for enterprise server customers

Component monitoring

Sharing market knowledge

We keep a close eye on the availability of your (critical) components. If component stocks decrease or get an end-of-life status we are the first to know. With proactive alerts and insights, we ensure you are always informed and prepared if we see changes that affect your components.

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obsolesence management strategy for hardware strategic buyins

Strategic procurement

Planning for obsolescence

By maintaining a list of critical components and minimum stock thresholds, we ensure your stock is safe. Leveraging our market insights, we secure the best prices and inform you of strategic buy-in opportunities, guaranteeing efficient inventory management.

Inventory management
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Hard to find components

Leverage our global network

We specialize in tracking down hard-to-find components. Our team has years of experience in sourcing & procurement. Together with our network that spans across the globe, we can find and procure components that most can’t get their hands on. Turn our knowledge and connections into your advantage – let us know which components you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Ready to improve your business?

Interested in obsolescence management to improve your business? We’re here to help. No matter the nature of your obsolescence-related concerns, we’re ready to show you how our services can benefit your business operations.

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Do you have a component, or parts list, that’s already considered obsolete? Or would you like to submit a critical component list to receive strategic buying opportunities? Use our dedicated form to submit your request. We’ll keep you informed about relevant opportunities or crucial updates for your parts.

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