Hardware procurement plans

Utilize new hardware, preserve your cashflow

A win-win proposition for enterprises

Investing in the latest hardware is no longer a luxury. With the current speed of technological advancements, it has become a necessity for business continuity, innovation and competitiveness.

Though the importance of keeping your hardware up-to-date is recognized by nearly all organisations in our field, it comes with an increase in expenses which take a heavy toll on the existing cashflow.

Financial liquidity helps maintain business operations, tackle unexpected expenditures, and invest in growth opportunities. Spending large amounts of capital in hardware procurement can limit your ability to respond to market changes or unexpected financial challenges. This is why Server-Fuel offers flexible procurement plans.

We provide access to IT assets, while preserving your cashflow by a range of flexible hardware procurement options.

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hardware procurement plans for enterprise organisations

Enterprise hardware procurement

Procurement strategies to help your organisation.

Discover our flexible and cost-effective procurement strategies.

Leasing servers & hardware

Leasing your servers and hardware offers a significant advantage for businesses that aim to remain agile. In addition to providing access to the latest technology without high costs upfront, leasing also offers tax benefits as the lease payments can be written off as business expenses.

With our leasing plans, you lower the risk of owning outdated technology, as hardware can be upgraded (or bought) at the end of the lease period.

it engineer installing a server leased from server fuel

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Hardware-as-a-Service has similarities to our leasing model. But encompasses much more than hardware alone. With our HaaS procurement model, we handle all the maintenance, updates and replacements for you as well. This means your in-house IT team can focus on mission-critical tasks.

Apart from the fact you are acquiring high-quality hardware without a large initial investment, HaaS offers full service peace of mind. 

Hardware as a Service ensures your server tech is current, as the hardware is updated periodically. HaaS reduces obsolescence, planning, procurement, product updates and system integration tasks – since these are all done for you.

server fuel system integrator working on server illustration hardware as a service procurement plan

Pay per consumption

With our pay per consumption model we ensure your only pay for what you use. The main benefit of this model is (much) lower prices for your parts, since we can make agreements upfront. This allows us to buy in large quantities, lowering the procurement price per part.

The lower price then directly benefits you, since you only pay for what you use. Not for the entire bulk at once.

Pay per consumption allows you to scale your IT resources up or down as you need it at that moment while eliminating the risk of over-provisioning or under-utilization of hardware resources. This makes it a highly cost-effective procurement option.

it specialist replaces blade server illustrating pay per consumption procurement plan

Bulk procurement

Bulk procurement is mostly beneficial for large enterprises with high-volume hardware needs. By purchasing in bulk, we can negotiate significant discounts, which reduces the cost per unit. Bulk procurement offers cost savings but also streamlines the procurement process, as we secure all your hardware in a single transaction.

An additional service we offer is storage space. Not every enterprise running data centers has the storage capacity available. Therefor we offer storage space and ‘ship on demand’ services when you need the parts at your facility.

last time buy stock up on components and servers server fuel

Order in bulk, pay per month

This procurement strategy combines the advantages of both bulk buying and installment payments. With this approach, you enjoy the procurement benefits of a bulk purchase, while spreading out your payments to preserve cash flow. Each month a part of your order is payed for and shipped to you. We take care of the entire procurement process, storage of the hardware and logistics to ship the agreed number of parts to you business facilities.

This simultaneously leads to better inventory management and cash flow forecasting.

server fuel shipment of only a few servers illustrating pay per month for bulk procurement plan

Hardware trade-in / sell excess

With our hardware trade-in program, you have the opportunity to exchange your servers and hardware for newer, higher-spec models. Using our sell excess inventory service, you can sell unused inventory before making fresh purchases.

This strategy is more than just cost-effective; it’s eco-friendly and resource-conscious as well. You are able to upgrade your infrastructure, while ensuring your old hardware doesn’t go to waste. Instead, it might just be the perfect fit for another company seeking those exact components.

In this way, our trade-in program supports the circular economy. By reusing and recycling hardware, we’re reducing the demand for new raw materials. This not only preserves valuable resources but also minimizes environmental impact. It’s a win-win situation: you improve your infrastructure while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Sell excess hardware
sell excess server hardware and obsolete parts to server fuel

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