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amd epyc server cpu vs intel xeon 4th gen cpu
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Shortage sourcing

Challenging market conditions

Server-Fuel’s shortage sourcing service helps you find components that are difficult to source due to industry-wide shortages. Our procurement specialists have a vast network of suppliers to locate the parts you need. We will find and deliver your components at competitive prices.

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Last time buy

Knowledge prevents surprise

We are immediately updated about end-of-life products and last time buys to ensure our clients inventories are secure. Clients that purchased products from us are kept up-to-date on components that are in use. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you with your last time buy needs.

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Hard to find components

Networks make all the difference

We specialize in sourcing hard-to-find components. Our procurement team has the experience and network to find and procure components that are unobtainable to most. Use our knowledge and network to your advantage and request the components you need today.

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Our team is happy to hear your requests. We might have an answer ready when you call, or we might need to request our network for your specific components. In both cases we can give you a clear price for getting the components to you, or store them in our warehouse if you want us to manage your inventory.

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Feel free to request your components using our enterprise sourcing form.

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