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At Server-Fuel System Integration we understand that our work comes with great responsibilities. The whitebox servers assembled for your business need to be build with the right components, reliable, scalable, tested and future proof.

We specialize in building high-quality, customized whitebox servers tailored to your unique business needs. Combining the best components from renowned brands like Supermicro, creating the perfect server solutions.

Thousands of our servers around the world are doing just that. Running day and night, serving businesses and making sure they pass the Server-Fuel quality standards.

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Advantages of our whitebox servers

Our whitebox system integration offers numerous advantages over branded servers.

Designed for your requirements

Whitebox servers provide the flexibility to choose every single component manually, making fully customized servers possible. Our system integrators can help you configure your servers exactly to your requirements. Ensuring the best performance and efficiency for your business.

Vendor independence

We have partnerships with all leading manufacturers, allowing us to design servers made exactly to spec for your business and usecase. A huge benefit of whitebox servers is that there is no vendor lock‑in during the design or lifespan of the servers.

Cost reduction

Most whitebox servers are less expensive than branded servers. Freedom of choice when it comes to components means whitebox servers can be build at a lower cost, without compromising quality, reliability and performance.

Scalability & lifespan

Whitebox servers can be upgraded, reconfigured and expanded to your needs. Making your hardware scalable at a fraction of the costs of renewing your servers or being .

Support for open standards

Our system integrators will design, configure and test your whitebox servers. From there on you have complete freedom. This enables you to use open-source software and industry specific standards. Meaning you can seamlessly integrate your new hardware with your existing infrastructure.

Expert Support

We provide you with expert support, and offer added services like obsolesence management and inventory management, ensuring seamless system integration and ongoing maintenance.

system integrator serverfuel slides rackserver into server rack

Enterprise whitebox servers for every industry

We build and configure whitebox servers for every usecase. Choosing whitebox servers brings benefits over branded servers including lower costs, greater flexibility and full customization. Server-Fuel system integration can build your server to Spec and BoM letting you choose the components to your specific requirements. You are also free to use our knowledge and get a recommended setup to maximize performance or save costs on the build.

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Edge servers
High-density servers
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AI servers
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HCI servers
VM server
Web servers
Database servers
Mail servers
ARM servers

Storage servers are designed to store and manage large amounts of data. It’s used as a centralized repository so everyone that has access, can acces the data. Storage servers are often used in larger organizations. A storage server can be designed to use HDDs, SSDs, PCI SSDs and even as a NVMe storage server. Next to the storage devices, storage servers also have CPU(s), RAM, and network adapter(s).

Our whitebox storage servers can be configured to your liking. We we with all leading storage manufacturers like Seagate, Kingston, Intel, Micron, HGST, Toshiba, Western Digital and Samsung. Feel free to ask our recommendations for your specific use case. You can define the enclosures and components as needed. From the amount of RAM, serverboard and the type of CPUs up to the fans and PSU to ensure that the server meets your requirements.

supermicro storage server

Edge servers are designed to process data closer to the source, at the periphery of a network, where data generation occurs. They optimize network traffic and enhance application performance by minimizing the amount of data sent to the cloud or data center. Edge servers are particularly useful in applications such as IoT, content delivery, and video streaming, where latency and response time are critical factors.

Server-Fuel’s whitebox edge servers allow you to customize and accommodate your unique needs, delivering optimal performance in diverse edge computing environments. Key components for a robust edge server include an efficient, multi-core processor capable of handling edge-specific tasks, adequate high-speed ECC RAM for supporting simultaneous processing, reliable and fast storage devices like SSDs or NVMe drives for storing edge data, and high-speed network interfaces for efficient data transfers.

By configuring your edge server with Server-Fuel, you can ensure that your server’s components and configurations are tailored to meet the specific demands of your edge computing applications, while benefiting from lower costs, greater flexibility, and better customization.

aic eb202 cp edge server

High-density servers pack high computing power into a smaller space than low-density servers, making them an ideal choice for data centers and places where space is a factor. High-density servers mostly consume more power which means they demand better cooling. But their compacter form factor and high computing power make them the server of choice for use cases like virtualization, HPC and big data analytics.

Server-Fuel offers fully customized whitebox high-density servers for your specific requirements. Our system integrators help choosing the right components and configure the servers to deliver performance and accommodate every demand you set for your servers. Whether you already know exactly what you need or would like a consult with our specialists to ensure that your server is built to do what you need it to do, we help you get your server to the best possible configuration.

supermicro high density

GPU servers are used for applications that requires lots of parallel processing. They are created for machine learning, data science and scientific simulations to name a few. But are also used where complex calculations are needed. GPU servers are therefor able to process large amounts of data. A whitebox GPU server by Server-Fuel is fully customizable to your requirements. We can use components from a BoM or design the ideal GPU server to execute your needs.

The biggest benefit of a whitebox server is the choice of configuration. Not being tied to contracts or predefined configurations means freedom of choice from CPU’s to GPU’s and from the type of RAM up to the type of cables used. Our system integrators are at your service to help you with the configuration or spot possible improvements to a speclist that’s provided. Ensuring you get the GPU server at the best possible combination of components, or to save costs on the build if we see opportunities for components that meet your standards at a better price. A whitebox GPU server can be build to the highest standards, using parts from Nvidia, ASUS, Intel and AMD.

gigabyte gpu server g492 pd0 showing nvidia gpus

We are experiencing an increasing demand towards specialized AI servers. A system designed for AI needs to be able to handle seriously complex calculations, where the demand for picking the right components has even more importance. Though GPU’s are the most important for most deep learning workloads, using high-end CPU’s is important as well, since they need to be able to handle the machine learning workloads.

To avoid bottlenecks the server board needs to accommodate enough RAM slots to be able to handle the amount of data that can be processed. The GPU’s, which are essential for AI and machine learning algorithms since they excel at parallel processing and training deep neural networks. The data that is processed needs to be stored in high-performance storage devices. Though HDD’s can be used –SSDs are the more optimal choice when it comes to AI servers since they can write the data much faster. If all is configured well, the next bottleneck are the network adapters. Choosing high performance networking capabilities like InfiniBand networking ensures fast and reliable communication between your AI servers and other devices within your network.

nvidia dgx h100 ai server

An HPC server is a powerful computing system designed specifically for applications that require high levels of performance. Examples are scientific simulations, research and engineering. An HPC server can handle complex calculations by utilizing high performance CPUs, GPUs, RAM and storage devices.

As with AI Servers, high performance network capabilities are a must to transfer the data from the server to other devices. Our whitebox HPC servers typically use components from Mellanox, Micron and Toshiba. But can be configured to your needs or preferences. We build HPC servers to Spec, BoM or can recommend a custom setup for your requirements for you.

They differ from AI servers since their main objective is handling computing power where AI servers are primarily used for machine learning and deep learning applications that require high performance GPU’s. This makes HPC server able to handle more compute-intensive workloads that requires a large number of CPU’s. You often see HPC servers in a multi-node environment.
HPC servers are recommended for organisations like scientific research institutions, engineering firms, government agencies and financial institutions. Whitebox HPC servers are highly customizable, allowing us to select the ideal components to optimize performance for your specific needs.

asus hpc server esc8000a

Hyper-converged infrastructure servers (HCI) combine computing, storage and networking functionalities together into one unified system, manageable via one interface. HCI servers are typically used by businesses and organizations that are looking for a streamlined and flexible software-defined infrastructure. HCI is preferred where ease of integration and management are important.

HCI servers are a type of server where whitebox server of Server-Fuel excel due to their customizability. Ensuring your servers are fully aligned with your specific requirements. We configure HCI servers to supplied BoM, specifications or without requested components – where we handpick each component according to your needs en the environment your HCI servers will be implemented.

The performance of HCI servers can vary greatly depending on the components used. For instance, a suitable CPU ensures efficient processing power, while adequate RAM guarantees multitasking capabilities. Incorporating the right storage devices is vital in HCI servers to keep up with the data generated within the system(s), while InfiniBand networking ensures data is transferred at maximum speeds.

gigabyte hyper converged server h261

Virtual Machine (VM) servers consolidate multiple virtual machines on a single physical server, streamlining resources and making management more efficient. VM servers are commonly used by businesses and organizations that require multiple operating systems or applications to run simultaneously. These servers are known for their adaptability and cost-effective resource allocation.
VM servers from Server-Fuel are highly customizable, ensuring they meet your specific requirements.

Our whitebox servers can be configured to your supplied BoM or specifications, or our experts can handpick each component based on your needs and implementation environment. The performance of VM servers depends on the right combination of components, such as a powerful CPU for efficient processing, sufficient RAM for seamless multitasking, and appropriate storage devices to accommodate the data generated. High-speed networking ensures rapid data transfers between virtual machines.

gigabyte virtualization server h262 z6b

Web servers store, host, and deliver web content to users across the internet. They play a vital role in our economy and are indispensable for businesses, organizations, and hosting companies. Hosting companies, in particular, rely on dependable web servers to provide infrastructure and services for hosting websites and applications.

Server-Fuel’s whitebox web servers enable customization to meet your unique needs, delivering optimal performance in diverse hosting environments. An example would be a web server utilizing virtualization technology (VM server), is designed to accommodate multiple websites while isolating their resources for enhanced security and performance.

Key components for such a server include a high-performance, multi-core processor with support for virtualization technology; a large amount of high-speed ECC RAM for supporting multiple virtual machines; fast and reliable storage devices like SSDs or NVMe drives; and high-speed network interfaces for seamless data transfers and efficient communication between servers and clients.

These web servers use high-density memory server boards, ensuring optimal resource allocation for each hosted website. The use of virtualization technology allows for the creation of secure data silos, which isolate each website’s resources and protect them from potential threats affecting other websites on the same server. The combination of powerful hardware components and virtualization software makes these web servers a versatile and secure solution for hosting companies and businesses.

aic 1u server sb102 hk

Database servers store, manage, and retrieve data efficiently for businesses, organizations, and any application that relies on databases for its operations. A powerful and reliable database server is essential for handling complex data queries and ensuring fast data transfers and accessibility. Server-Fuel’s whitebox database servers can be customized to align with your specific needs, delivering optimal performance in various data-centric environments.

Key components for a robust database server include a high-performance, multi-core processor, substantial high-speed ECC RAM for handling large databases and multiple queries, fast and reliable storage devices like SSDs or NVMe drives with RAID configurations for data integrity and redundancy, and high-speed network interfaces for efficient data transfers. With Server-Fuel’s customizable database servers, you can ensure that your server’s components and configurations are tailored to meet the specific demands of your data-driven applications.

supermicro sys241e tnrttp database server

Mail servers enable the sending, receiving, and storage of emails for businesses, organizations, and any application that relies on email communication. As the backbone of our daily email usage, mail servers need to manage increasing volumes of email traffic, with some servers handling millions of emails per day. Server-Fuel’s whitebox mail servers can be tailored to your specific requirements, delivering optimal performance and ensuring uninterrupted email delivery.

Essential components for a reliable mail server include a suitable multi-core processor for efficient email processing, sufficient high-speed ECC RAM for handling concurrent email requests, adequate and fast storage devices like SSDs or NVMe drives for storing emails and attachments, and dependable high-speed network interfaces for seamless email transfers. By customizing your mail server with Server-Fuel, you can ensure efficient email processing and delivery, even during peak times.

gigabyte t181 z70

ARM servers utilize ARM-based processors, which are known for their energy efficiency and lower power consumption. These servers are ideal for businesses, organizations, and applications that prioritize eco-friendly solutions or require reduced energy costs. Server-Fuel’s whitebox ARM servers can be configured to your unique specifications or our expert recommendations, ensuring optimal server performance with a focus on energy efficiency.

Key components for an ARM server include an ARM-based CPU that provides adequate processing power while maintaining low energy consumption, appropriate high-speed ECC RAM for supporting the server’s tasks, suitable and energy-efficient storage devices like SSDs or NVMe drives, and efficient high-speed network interfaces for data transfers. By customizing your ARM server with Server-Fuel, you can create a tailored solution that meets your performance requirements while minimizing energy consumption and environmental impact.

arm server

Our 6 step whitebox server process

Our process is designed to ensure your whitebox server is made in perfect alignment to your needs.

1. Consultation

During the consultation we discuss your specific needs, requirements, current hardware setups and goals to understand which whitebox servers will best benefit your business.

it procurement by server fuel procuring hardware and negotiating prices

2. Design & agreement

Our system integrators will design the whitebox server that is made specifically for your needs. This includes selection of the applicable components, calculations and mapping your current hardware setup. If you created a Bill of Materials yourself and need us to build the servers without further designs, we will give an accurate quote for your order.

gigabyte arm server closeup as a concept of system integrator

3. Procurement & assembly

After discussing the design, and reaching an agreement, experienced system integrators will assemble your whitebox server, ensuring a reliable system build with utmost care. If parts need to be procured, our hardware procurement department will make sure everything is delivered on time and within budget.

system integrator assembles whitebox server

4. Testing phase

Quality and reliablity are core values of Server-Fuel, ensuring we deliver high quality products to our customers. Every server is subjected to a thorough test, including a 24h burn-in test, where each component is inspected before delivery.

server laboratory worker looking at server motherboard

5. Logistics

By taking charge of our own logistics, we can ensure that your new hardware is handled and shipped with the utmost care and respect. It allows us to closely monitor the shipping process, making sure your server arrives in the same condition as it was shipped.

inventory management

6. Integration & support

Our commitment to excellence doesn't stop there, we can collaborate with you to seamlessly integrate your whitebox server into your current infrastructure and provide continuous support moving forward.

leasing products as a service

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