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Monetize unused inventory with Server-Fuel

Excess IT hardware inventory poses a significant challenge to enterprises and datacenters. Managing excess inventory with a partner that understands the market dynamics and can ensure profitable clearing of outdated, surplus or unwanted inventory increases your ROI on these unused assets. Creating investable cashflow for acquiring usable hardware components.

Server-Fuel offers the opportunity to offer lots of current, obsolete and end-of-life components. Our excess inventory programs can be utilized for one-off sales, or recurring agreements where inventory is sold or  added as a trade-in to new orders.

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Strategies for excess inventory management

Transform your surplus into resources

Server-Fuel offers a range of unique services to turn your excess inventory into an advantage. Our customizable solutions are designed to adapt to your needs and get the maximum value for your unused IT hardware.

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Inventory acquisition

Inventory acquisition is the fastest and most straightforward option to sell your excess inventory to us by offering your components online.

After your submit your excess inventory list via our website, our purchasing team will evaluate your inventory and provide you with a quote.

After reaching an agreement we provide assistance with packing and transportation of your excess equipment.

Selling in consignment

Server-Fuel offers a consignment program for excess inventory where we provide a flexible and efficient solution to sell off excess inventory.

By selling in consignment, your products stay in your ownership while we take responsibility for storing, marketing, and selling them. We actively offer and promote your inventory to our worldwide network.

When a buyer comes forward, we will either act as a sales broker, or if permitted, negotiate a price on your behalf. Since our renumeration is based on a percentage of the total sales price, our sales team will make sure they will get the best deal possible. This program allows you to sell your excess inventory without the need to handle the sales or shipment processes yourself.

Non-consigned inventory sales

With our non-consigned excess inventory sales, we offer a partnership where you retain ownership and control of your excess inventory. While we use our network, sales and marketing teams to help you reach potential buyers.

Unlike consigned sales, with non-consigned sales, you store and manage your inventory yourself. If requested, assistance in shipping the products after the deal is made can be arranged.

Stock valuation

To valuate your excess inventory we can conduct market evaluation and analyses to assess the worth of the stock you are planning to sell. Our valuation process is based on current market trends, rates and similar offers. We will provide you with insights into your inventory’s potential value and suggest an asking price.

This service is aimed at business owners who want to independently sell their inventory, as this service is typically included in our sales services.

Finding buyers

We can help you find the right buyers for your excess inventory by making use of our worldwide network of hardware customers, hardware traders, end-clients, OEM’s and EMS providers.

We utilize real-time market insights to match sellers with buyers. While you focus on your business, we identify and contact potential buyers. We will make use of options like cross-selling, APID, PID and PN-linking to find the right match as quickly as possible.

Full service inventory management

Server-Fuel offers a comprehensive range of managed inventory solutions. Our inventory management services are not aimed at businesses looking to sell their excess inventory once, but offer outsourcing your entire inventory all together.

Our inventory management services reduce excess inventory in the long term, making sure your inventory is always exactly as needed thanks to advanced asset tracking, demand forecasting and multiple procurement strategies.

If your business is regularly struggling with excess inventory, shortages or obsolete components, we recommend learning more about our inventory management services.

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If you’re interested to learn more about our excess inventory solutions, we invite you to a call with our inventory management team. If you already have a list ready and want us to go over it to compare us to another party feel free to upload our list via our excess inventory form by clicking the button below.

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